Join us at the event with anglers and pros!

The following guests will be waiting for your visit!


Main MC

Happy max Mishima

A comedian who loves fishing retained by SHU promotion talent agency.
The organizer of “Sakana Club”, a highly known fishing event in the fishing industry.

He created his unique style of stand-up comedy, the so called “hyper speedy performance”.

He is an extremely versatile comedian with talents such as MCing various corporate & private parties, sporting and Japanese idol events.

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Yuri Hareyama

A fishing girl who fell in love with fishing!
・The winner of the 4th Angler’s Idol contest
・A promotion representative of the fishing supply company, DAIWA
・An image model of the fishing supply retailer, Casting
・An ambassador of “Fishing-ienne”, a fishing related website

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List of guest anglers, fishing gear testes

Japanese syllabary order

The list is the latest information as of Feb. 12(Tue).

The list will be announced as it is updated.

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